"Have a complaint against a government department, organisation or public body?"
Welcome to the Website of the Ombudsman Sint Maarten.

The core task of the Ombudsman, a High Council of State of Sint Maarten, is the handling of complaints filed by the  public against a government body, including government entities charged with public authority.  The Ombudsman is limited to the authority outlined in the National Ordinance Ombudsman (AB 2013 no.20).  The Ombudsman cannot handle civil complaints (between persons or against non-government  entities). Your complaint must be against the conduct of government bodies or entities with public authority.

Anyone can file a complaint at the Ombudsman, natural persons as well as legal entities.

As guardian of the Constitution the Ombudsman is the only entity that can submit a law that has been ratified, and seems to be in conflict with the Constitution,  to the Constitutional Court for total or partial annulment  before it goes into effect .

Call us at (+1) 721 5421250 or (+1) 721 5421243 or pass by daily between 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.at the Bureau at E.C. Richardson street # 13, Philipsburg. For consultation visit us on Monday-Wednesday or Friday between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Ms. Gwendolien E. Mossel
Ombudsman Sint Maarten

Do you have a complaint against a department or government entity?

The Ombudsman is the defender of the public and will investigate your complaint in a fair, transparent and impartial manner. The Ombudsman will conclude whether the conduct of the government department or government entity is proper or not and may propose a solution to ...

Our Latest News
    PHILIPSBURG, At the end of November 2022, the Ombuds institutions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands met in Curaçao for their annual meeting. The annual meeting was preceded by a Kingdom conference on poverty organized by the Ombudsman of Curaçao, Keursly Concin...
    Published:  15 December 2022
    PHILIPSBURG, The Ombudsman recently informed the Minster of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure (VROMI), Mr. Egbert J. Doran, that she has refrained from further investigating the process used to re-allocate parcels in OTB in accordance with the...
    Published:  13 October 2022
    PHILIPSBURG, The Ombudsman of Sint Maarten, Ms. Gwendolien Mossel, recently published the 2021 year report. In 2021, a total of sixty-four (64) new complaints were filed and two (2) systemic investigations were initiated by the Ombudsman. The ministries accounted for sixty (...
    Published:  08 August 2022

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