"Have a complaint against a government department, organisation or public body?"
Complaint Information

Do you have a complaint against a department or government entity?

The Ombudsman is the defender of the public and will investigate your complaint in a fair, transparent and impartial manner. The Ombudsman will conclude whether the conduct of the government department or government entity is proper or not and may propose a solution to your complaint.

The Ombudsman handles only complaints against a government department or government entity charged with public authority.

You must first inform the department or government entity that you have a complaint.

How is a complaint filed?
According to the law the complaint must be filed in writing. The Ombudsman has designed a Complaint Form containing all the requirements to assist the complainant when filing a complaint.

Good Governance                    
The Ombudsman promotes good leadership for Sint Maarten with a government and related bodies characterized by good governance and responsive to the needs of the citizens.

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